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Stock Broker No. 86 has been offering top-notch stock brokerage services.

Business solutions

Our Services

We serve as intermediaries connecting buyers and sellers to facilitate equity, debenture, and bond transactions on the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE).

Stock Brokerage

At Stoxkarts, We pride ourselves on offering top-notch stock brokerage services.

Online Trading

Experience the future of stock trading with our user-friendly online trading platform.

Depository Services

As your trusted partner, we are registered depository participant with CDSC.

DEMAT Account

Open your DEMAT account with us to experience the advantages of electronic shareholding.

Advisory Service

We specialize in stock market advisory, offering valuable information.

Customer Support

Our customer support team is available to assist you with any stock trading-related matters.

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“Trade with Confidence”

The Process

Start Trading in just three steps.


Submit your KYC form with required documentations to open a trading account.


Upon verification of the documentations, your name will be successfully registered in our systems.


You are ready to start trading! You can place buy and sell order via phone call or by accessing our trading floor.

Open Demat Account

Meroshare Account

Broker KYC

TMS Account

Visit NEPSE Website.


Service Timelines and Processing Durations

We provide clear and efficient service timelines, ensuring transparent communication about processing durations for a streamlined experience.


Within a day


DMAT Account Opening

Individual /Corporate KYC opening

DIS Settlement

Share credit to the customer

After settlement

Payment to the customer

After settlement


TMS online trading login

Tms Account Opening Form for Individual

TMS Account Opening Form for Corporate Client

Agreement Paper for Online Trading

Demat Account Opening Form for Individual

Demat Account Opening Form for Corporate Clients

Meroshare Application Form

Buy Sell Order Form

Bo to Bo Transfer Form

Dematerialization Form

News & Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

The documents needed are one passport size photograph and photocopy of your citizenship certificate.
No, your trading account will be opened free of cost without any charges to you.

To open an account, you need to fill up our KYC form along with one passport size photograph and a photocopy of your citizenship certificate.

You need to have a Trading Account and a Demat Account in order to start trading. To download the form for opening a trading account, go to the link Downloads If you have not opened a Demat account yet, you can visit our office.

Yes, you can open demat account by being self present at our office premises at a minimum charge of Rs. 150

Apart from the DEMAT account services, you can enjoy a wide range of depository services which are in listed below:

  • De-materialization of physical securities held by the beneficial owner (BO)
  • Re-materialization of securities
  • Online access of DEMAT account through Mero Share
  • Facilitate in pledging and unpledging of securities
  • Facilitate online application of IPO
  • Settlement trades by transferring/receiving the securities from/in BO accounts
  • Settlement of off-market trades that is occurred between BOs outside NEPSE
  • Others DP related jobs as allowed by laws and regulations in regard to securities depository

A DEMAT Account is an account that allows you to hold your shares in an electronic form. As holding shares in physical forms involves a lot of paperwork, long process and risk of fake shares, for simple and seamless trading and investing, DEMAT account is must to trade in Nepal’s Stock Exchange.

Payment is made based on T+3 settlement system which means that customers need to pay by 3 days after purchasing shares. Settlement will be carried out only after payment has been made.